Top 3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Fact: 63% of consumers who search for businesses online are more likely to become consumers of brands with a social media presence. Social media is one of the most effective marketing tactics, but only when it’s done right.

Here are the top mistakes to avoid if you want to succeed on the social meeds!

1: Posting Just to Post

Social media is meant to be an ongoing and engaging conversation. Put simply, if you don’t have anything important to say – don’t say it! This content often comes off as unauthentic. Be intentional with your postings, and market your business on your own terms.

Tip: Content calendars are great for strategic post planning!

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2: Lack of Brand Consistency

Tone. Language. Color. Fonts. They all work together to give your social media a uniform and professional appearance. If you want to build and sustain a powerful brand, consistency is key. For maximum effectiveness, every piece of content you create should embody your unique brand essence and style.

Tip: Always establish clear brand guidelines before posting!

3: Treating All Platforms the Same

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn… the list goes on. The best way to take advantage of social media is by using each platform for its individual purpose. Twitter is great for engaging customers in conversations, while Instagram is ideal for showing off new products and services. Use your platforms wisely.

Tip: Monthly reports can help determine which platforms are performing best!

Social media marketing done right can win you customers for life. Done wrong, it can cost you dearly. Contact Dazium today for expert social media marketing services.

How to Create a #Trendy Small Business

            “Very fashionable or up-to-date in style or influence.”

In the small business world, reputation is everything. And there’s no better way to confirm your clout status than letting the world know just how stylish you are. From viral memes to internet fads, here are the three most effective methods to creating a trendy *AF* business:

Stay Current
Beyoncé’s secret album. The launch of Vine 2.0. Donald Trump said WHAT? The latest Bachelorette scandal. Texting your number neighbor. Kylie Jenner’s skincare line.

If you want to be trendy, you’ve got to be current. This means keeping up with more than just the Kardashians. Customers want to see that your business is active and entuned with the rest of the world. Don’t hesitate to jump on social and join the conversation. Staying current not only attracts buyers, but it also builds lasting B2C relationships!

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#Hashtag #Everything75% of social media users use hashtags, and you should too.

When it comes to social media marketing, these useful little links give your audience an easy way to find your account, blog posts and so much more. Add style and brand to your content with hashtags that emphasize and impress. You can also track your hashtag analytics and other trending hashtags to stay on top of your game!

Expand Your NetworkThe small business industry is all about who you know and who you’re trying to get to know. It really is that simple.

Start building a buzzworthy reputation through an impressive network of contacts. Whether it’s partnering with other small businesses or featuring popular influencers in your content, the more people you establish connections with, the better. Having a strong network of people is trendy business.

Dazium knows trends. But more importantly, we know how to turn trends into business growth and profit. Looking for expert advice? Contact us for a #trendy consultation!

How Does Your Personality Type Perform in the Workplace? (Enneagram Edition)

It’s simple – personal insight leads to success. The Enneagram Test identifies 9 workplace personality types by breaking down specific employee behaviors and how they function in a working environment. So, how does your personality type “fit” into the workplace?

Let’s find out:

Type 1 – The Reformer
Control. Structure. Perfection.

Ones are responsible, hard-working and detailed-oriented individuals. They set high standards for themselves and everyone around them. Reformers only complete tasks in the “correct” way. Their challenge is workability and finding a balance between critical thinking and acceptance.

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Type 2 – The Helper

Empathy. Relationships. Support.

Twos are people-oriented and positive individuals. They are excellent communicators and tend to support the organization above all. Helpers display empathy through their desire to assist others before themselves. Their challenge is self-advocation and personal boundaries.

Type 3 – The Achiever

Success. Achievement. Standards.

Threes are productive, goal-oriented and highly motivated individuals. They are always focused on completing the task at hand. Achievers prioritize high accomplishment that is held in esteem by their work environment. Their challenge is collaborating with others and accepting new ideas.

Type 4 – The Individualist

Innovate. Aesthetic. Emotions.

Fours are creative, authentic and value-based individuals. They prioritize the personal connection they have with their work. Individualists use their own emotions to produce innovative and original results. Their challenge is reducing emotional reactions and not taking things personally.

Type 5 – The Investigator

Knowledge. Observe. Awareness.

Fives are strategic and intellectually-deep individuals. They seek technical expertise and the accumulation of knowledge. Investigators collect personal observations in preparation for taking action in the workplace. Their challenge is working with other levels of mental intelligence.

Type 6 – The Loyalist

Security. Guidance. Preparation.

Sixes are skeptical, sincere and actionable individuals. They are focused on creating structure within their working environment. Loyalists are dependable, especially when it comes to collaborative efforts. Their challenge is minimizing doubt so de-motivation is not initiated.

Type 7 – The Enthusiast

Open. Futurist. Spontaneous.

Sevens are quick-thinking, adaptable and optimistic individuals. They embrace change and turn challenges into opportunities. Enthusiasts thrive under workplace pressure through their ability to multi-task. Their challenge is to acknowledge and accept personal problems and limitations.

Type 8 – The Challenger

Protect. Authority. Direction.

Eights are self-confident, decisive and powerful individuals. They lead and stand up for the people they care about. Challengers show control through their belief of personal authority. Their challenge is adapting to different situations and avoiding the creation of unnecessary conflict.

Type 9 – The Peacemaker

Diplomat. Harmony. Mediate.

Nines are balanced, easy-going and unpretentious individuals. They see all sides of an issue and are able to bring people together. Peacemakers prefer the feeling of serenity throughout their working environment. Their challenge cultivates in their avoidance of conflicts or issues.

Did you figure out your type? Through the Enneagram Test, we are able to expand upon new insights future growth and success in the workplace.

Take the Enneagram Test Here:
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Reignite Your Creativity with these 4 Proven Tips

There’s nothing worse than having your creativity well run dry, especially when being creative is part of your job title. If you’ve tried just about everything to get your spark back but nothing’s working, don’t give up! Here are 4 proven ways to help reignite your creativity.

Make One Change

Sound simple? Because it is simple. It’s easy to get caught up in old habits that hold us back from trying something new. Research found that unusual events can break existing cognitive patterns, thus improving flexibility and creativity. By making one single change to your daily routine, your chances of sparking a new idea skyrocket.

Take a different route to work. Switch up your breakfast. One little change is all it takes!

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Get Inside Your Customer’s Head

Creating content centered around your ideal customer allows you to stay relevant and develop fresh ideas. Studies show that the most successful brands go to great lengths to make sure employees understand the experience of their customers. Stop thinking like you and start thinking like them.

What are their interests? How do they communicate? This will change your perspective and give you the creative outlook you’ve been craving.

Look for Ideas in Unlikely Places

Sometimes the best ideas are found in the most unexpected places. It’s been proven that switching environments can lead to positive brain stimulation within individuals. Go outside your comfort zone by searching for inspiration in places besides the office.

During your commute. While you’re in the shower. Let the world around you re-spark your creativity.

Take it Old-School

Step away from the computer screen and unplug yourself from all distractions. Try working with pen and paper to boost productivity and ignite your creative mind. Research has found that writing long-hand requires the writer to process ideas more thoroughly than typing on a keyboard, leading to deeper exploration.

Physically write ideas instead of typing them. Bounce your ideas off someone face-to-face instead of over email. It’s time to go old-school!

Instead of accepting defeat, try filling up your creativity well with these 4 tips!

Data, Meet Business

Once upon a time… in a dark and clueless world, businesses based their decisions on unreliable gut feelings and default “the way things have always been done” excuses.

Well, not anymore! Today, data is providing invaluable insight into the world of business and marketing. It continuously fuels the desire to learn, ask questions, take risks and analyze results. Data keeps you relevant.

Once you’re able to learn from data, you can start using it to your benefit.

Data Answers Questions

Trying to find answers without data is a lot like trying to hit a bullseye with your eyes closed. Start by asking a question and then design a strategy that is capable of getting the answers you need.

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For Example: Is Facebook the best option for your business? To find out, setup Facebook analytics and design posts to get the insight you need. When analyzing these posts, look for overall benefits such as reach and engagement, rather than the overall numbers of shares and likes. When you carefully compare with other social media platforms, and give it enough time, you will have enough data to answer if Facebook is the best choice.

Data Provides Customer and Market Insight

Use data to keep tabs on industry-wide trends, market tendencies and customer developments. It all starts with curiosity and a need to grow.

For Example: Let’s say you’re releasing a new product, and you need to choose a marketing emphasis between a social media or an Adwords campaign. How do you pick? We’ll… it depends! What do your potential customers want to see and what will make them respond? What are your competitors doing? Just make sure you design campaigns that will answer these questions, specifically. It is only through data that you will learn what really works.

Data Drives Performance

Everyone fails, but not everyone has the strength to learn from those failures. As a business, it’s crucial to follow and track specific metrics, including productivity, sales and even employee happiness. Through this data, you become informed of what’s working and what’s not, along with what you need to change to be successful.

For Example: Have you noticed a recent decrease of productivity among your employees? Collect your own data by asking questions or sending a survey to all employees. Rely on the results to make insightful decisions. You want decisive action to quickly resolve the situation.

Stop living in the dark when the clues you need are in the data.

Now’s the time to introduce your business to data so you can start learning today!

The 3 Smartest Ways to Reach Your Intended Audience on YouTube

With over 1.3 billion users who watch a total of 500 billion videos per day, YouTube is one of the most effective platforms for digital marketers. But how can you make your videos stand out compared to the other 35 hours of videos uploaded every minute? Start with your intended audience.

Make Your Channel Findable

It’s simple. The easier it is to find your channel, the more views your videos will rack up. In order to do this, focus on these three key areas: title, description and tags. Make your title as short and as keyword-rich as possible. Use the description for detailed content, call-to-actions and URLs. Most importantly, always tag your video! Be sure to include any and all related keyword tags when uploading to broaden your reach even further.

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Show Off Customer Testimonials

The beauty of video? People trust actions more than words. YouTube is the perfect place for you to showcase happy and honest customer testimonials as a low-cost promotional tool toward your intended audience. Building a reputation and establishing connections with viewers will not only increase sales, but it will also create loyal consumers who keep coming back for more.

Product Placement + Mindless Entertainment

YouTube is an entertainment platform. Viewers want funny, emotional and even outrageous content that captivate their attention, even just for a few minutes. Your company can jump on this bandwagon and produce videos that offer mindless entertainment paired with subtle product placements or marketing messages that relate to your brand. This creative, soft-sell approach is key to reaching your intended audience.

Not all companies take advantage of YouTube for digital marketing, but the ones that do (and that do it right) are quickly becoming some of the most well-known brands across the world. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out!

Let Dazium help start your YouTube journey today by clicking the button below!

Lots of People Can Hear, Only Few Can Data

Data is listening It’s the buzz of a phone, the click of a mouse and even the static on a television. There’s no such thing as ignoring data in the business world, but you can always use it to your advantage. Let me explain…

Every Business Starts with a Customer

Anyone with the slightest bit of experience will tell you that the number one rule in business is to always keep the customer happy. What’s the easiest way to accomplish this? Knowing and understanding your customers. How do you do that? With data. Data-driven insight explains who your customers are, what they want and how to keep them coming back. Once you figure out why they care, you can start communicating effectively.

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Everything Marketing Should Start with a Question

You know what they say… When you assume, you make an ass out of YOU and ME. If you’re looking for answers, you must first ask the right questions. The beautiful thing about data is that it always tells a story. Once you publish your efforts, data is automatically created. From analytics and demographics to figuring out what works best for your audience and why, data doesn’t just give you the facts, it gives you the answers.

Everything Should End with an Answer

So, you found the answer to your original question, but now what? Now you ask another question and another one and another one until all of your questions are answered and the voicemail box is full. Even then, you’ll find yourself wanting to learn more. Asking questions is important, but getting answers is what enables you to find out what failed and what is next.

Every Call Leads to Continual Improvements

Ring, Ring… Hello? It’s data calling and it wants to talk to you. If you listen closely, data can reveal the secret of what it takes to improve your marketing strategies. No bias. No presumptions. Only the truths and facts that come together to help boost your signal. So, don’t hang up, your conversation with data is just beginning.

Contact Dazium Design Solutions at 816-842-0001 or visit our website at

It Only Takes 3 Steps to Run a Successful Online Ad

As your social media marketing strategy expands into online advertising, it’s important to understand how exactly to run a successful advertisement on social media.

Start by Choosing a Platform

Every major social media network offers advertising options, so be sure to consider the following when picking a platform:

Facebook – designed to help achieve one of three broad types of objectives: awareness, consideration or conversion.

Twitter – works best for website clicks, tweet engagement, follower gain, video views and app installs.

LinkedIn – intended for business growth by building brand awareness, driving website traffic and generating leads.

Instagram – owned by Facebook, so advertising options support the same objectives as Facebook.

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Identify Your Audience and Create Client Profiles

Social media advertising gives you complete control over audience targeting, making it easier to reach your ideal consumer. Once the ad it written, and your objective is chosen, it’s time to decide what audience type is the most likely to convert. Is it men? Women? Where do they live? Older? Younger? What are their interests? What does their income look like?

Client profiles are not always perfect to start. It takes time and experimentation to find your perfect niche that will help bring your campaign to life.

Make a Timeline and Stick to a Budget

Social media advertising allows you to control the amount of time an ad runs and how much it costs. We have found that the most successful social media ads run from 5-7 days. Budgets are determined per day or per total campaign, making it easy for you to set and stick to a budget that’s right for you. Think strategically and execute your plan.

Online advertising is not easy. But if you follow these 3 steps, you’ll find yourself running successful social media advertainments in no time.

Need help form the experts themselves? Dazium offers extensive social media services that are guaranteed to expand your business. Contact us today!

A One Minute Video is Equivalent to 1.8 Million Words

If one picture is worth 1,000 words and a video is shot at 30 frames per second, then 1 second of a video is equal to 30,000 words and therefore a one-minute video (60 seconds) x 30,000 words = 1.8 million. Boom.

How to Make Your Voice Heard

The most effective types of internal communication start with a shared vision. It takes responsibility and respect from both executives and employees to create memorable images that leave an impactful impression. As a leader, it’s your job to communicate in way that your employees are receptive to. This is the power of video. Video takes away the hassle of writing email after email by taking the main concept and turning it into engaging message that is makes your voice heard.      

Change Your Culture

All it takes is one video to get the whole company talking. Video is an extremely powerful storytelling medium that allows for viewers to immerse themselves into the message and connect in a way that is just not possible with written or spoken words. When things start changing, employees want to understand why. Give them the answer they are searching for in an easy-to-make, impactful video that adds emotional context and unforgettable illustrations.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The sooner you start transforming messages into visuals, the quicker your employees will become motivated to jump onboard of your cultural change. Employees want to feel like they’re part of something, that their work matters and that they are valued and heard. Videos can do exactly that by supplying a two-way conversation in ways that other mediums don’t allow. Start showing rather than telling with videos that will bring the whole company together as one.

3 Things You Can Do to ‘Humanize’ Your Brand

Fact: If you want loyal customers, you must establish an initial connection with them in order to gain their trust. Once you have their trust in your back pocket, there’s no limit to the support they will show your brand. But how to you gain this special type of trust? The single most effective way is to prove that your brand is ran by humans.

#1: Show Off Your Funny Bone

All business and no play? No more. Customers need to see that your priorities are not just about selling a product or service. Prove to them that you’re a human who can put aside your seriousness and have some fun. Whether the humor is coming straight from you, or simply by sharing other funny content that already exists, your customers will love that fact that even though you are a business, you still allow yourself to have fun.

Why did the woman dump her marketer boyfriend? Lack of engagement! (See, we told you!)

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#2: Tell Authentic Stories

Quite possibly the easiest way to humanize your brand? Make yourself relatable. Don’t spend all your time online just talking about how great your company is… Instead, be open, be honest and be real. Sharing authentic stories about your failures, hardships and lessons that you’ve learned will help customers better relate and sympathize with you. You can even share stories about your customers who previously struggled but then achieved success with help from your company/product. This will not only help humanize your brand but boost sales too!

The more open you are, the more trust your customers will give you.

#3: Express Appreciation for Your Customers

The best feeling in the world? Feeling valued. Letting your customers know that you care about them and appreciate their business is an easy way of establishing brand loyalty. The most effective way to do this is by offering special discounts with personalized messages to stand-out customers. Even a simple welcome/thank you email can turn one-time buyers into lifelong patrons. It’s truly amazing what a little bit of gratitude can do to help humanize your brand.

Customers need to be appreciated. Remember: without them, you are nothing.

Now’s the time to give a face to your company and start interacting with the people who made you who are today. Your current and potential customers are all waiting for you to make the first move. So, open up! Be funny! Be thankful! Be real! And above all, be you!

*** Tip: Social media is one of the best ways to humanize your brand! Too many people see it as a way to sell, not to connect. Let Dazium get you started! View our social media packages below.

5 Steps to Being Creative in a Smart Way

Nearly all great ideas follow a similar creative process and this article explains how this process works. Most problems you face, whether in your personal or professional life, can be solved with an innovative solution. This makes understanding the process of creativity your new best friend.

Anyone can learn to be creative by using five simple steps. That’s not to say being creative is easy. Uncovering your creative genius requires courage and lots of practice. However, this five-step approach should help clarify the creative process and illuminate the path to more innovative thinking.

Here are 5 steps to follow when sparking up your next big idea:

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Step #1: Brainstorm

Your brain has no limit. During this stage of the creative process, let your mind wonder to unfamiliar, and even terrifying places. The brainstorming process should have little to no filters, giving you the freedom you need to come up with something creative, and maybe even a little bit crazy.

There’s no commitment when it comes to brainstorming. That’s the beauty of it! Think of an idea, write it down and we’ll deal with reality later on.

Step #2: Relativity

Once you’ve got your brainstorm list, now’s the time review. This first evaluation will eliminate all ideas that fail to be relative. If your audience isn’t receptive towards the idea, it’s time to chuck it in the trash. You should never underestimate the importance of making our ideas relative to others. Being creative is great, but you also have to stay on track if you want the final idea to work.

Is the idea relative or not? It’s that simple. No need to stress about practicality just yet.

Step #3: Feasibility

This step helps bring you back to earth. It’s now time to take your new list of relative ideas and ask yourself if they’re possible to construct. This is also the time to determine which ideas are cost effective and appropriate to produce over time. It’s incredibly important to consider these aspects before moving forward with any idea.

Being realistic doesn’t mean leaving behind creativity. It’s being creative in a smart way.

Step #4: Value

You’ve got a creative idea that’s both relative and feasible… Now what? In order to understand the value of an idea, you have to predict the future ROI of it. Ideas are a way to bring your goal, vision or strategy to life. In the end, if it’s not going to give you the return you desire, it’s better to move on rather than moving forward.

If you want to find success, understanding value is key.

Step #5: Production, Distribution and Feedback

Now that you’ve made it to the final step, it seems like your idea is ready to go, right? Wrong. The last thing you have to do before moving forward is review it from a production standpoint. Often times creative ideas are easy to come by, but hard to produce. It’s your job to make sure your idea is ready for production by evaluating its potential success and making changes if necessary.

There’s nothing wrong with a little alteration! Do what you have to do to make your idea a reality.

It’s not as simple as it sounds, but if you truly follow these 5 steps when it comes to being creative, you’ll find more success than you’ve ever imagined. Take a minute, review the steps and start creating! And if you need any help… give Dazium a call at 816-842-0001 or email us at [email protected].

Trapped on an Island – How Will You Execute Ideas to Survive?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking to yourself “what’s the chance of me ever getting stuck on an island?” And that’s a fair point. Yet the problem-solving process you would use is extremely similar to the one your use in your real life. Some people are great at coming up with new, creative ideas. Others are particularly talented at bring those ideas to life. But regardless, it takes a combination of both ideas and execution to find success, or in this case, safety.

Think of it this way…

One day you wake up, and you are in the middle of nowhere. You are surrounded by miles of blue oceans and thousands of tall, forest-green trees. There’s not a soul sight – you are all alone. Your worst nightmare has come true when you realize you are stranded on a deserted island, with no means to survive and no way to send for help. What do you do?

Okay, obviously you make a survival plan. But are your spur-of-the-moment ideas really going to save you? How about the execution of those ideas while your heart is pounding, and your hands are shaking? Slow down. Take a breath. You’ve got this.

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Establish a Voice of Reason

In the midst of chaos, we often forget the importance of reasoning. It’s easy to take any idea you have and run with it. Yet, if it’s not thought out and executed, it can lead to a waste of time, resources, and worst of all, inspiration. The solution? Be open to the possibility of surviving but understand that there’s only a handful of ways to get rescued. Your voice of reason will help separate your good ideas from the bad.

Good Idea: Create a large rescue signal to planes and ships as they pass by the island.

Bad Idea: Start exploring the island without any strategy in mind.

Utilize Your Resources

Look around. The island is full of tools and resources you can use to turn your good idea into a reality. Now’s the time to gather the supplies and improvise when needed. There’s not enough wood to create a large signal fire? The waves keep erasing your SOS sand drawing? Take a step back. What resources do you have that could work? Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Giant palm leaves and a wide-open field? That could work!

Stay Focused on the Mission at Hand

You’ve accepted the idea. You executed it to the best of your ability. Now what? The only thing you can do now is wait. It can be easy to doubt yourself when something doesn’t work out right away. One of the most difficult part of ideas and execution is waiting for the results. Keeping a positive mindset and staying focused on the original mission will help district you from defeat. Good things take time.

It’s been three days… You’re about to give up. Wait, is that a plane? 

You get it. It’s not about the ideas you had or even the execution of those ideas. It’s how you were able to combine the two to bring yourself to safety. Life is a treasure map – it’s your job to put the pieces together.

Looking for Growth in 2019? Get Ready to Get Uncomfortable

So, where do you start? As the new year approaches, now’s the time to think future. It’s impossible to grow when you’re standing still. Change won’t be easy or comfortable by any means, but it will lead you to the growth you’ve been craving.

Light the Fire by Trying Something New

It’s your job to keep the fire burning. If you continue to do the same thing day in and day out, your flame will die out before you know it. Start fresh by ditching past strategies and try something new. It’s time to leave the past behind and move forward with intentions of constantly learning and reinventing yourself. There’s no such thing as learning too much.

Stop what you’re doing, drop the past and roll into the future.

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Hesitation Leads to Worldly Setbacks

Change is intimidating. There’s no denying it. But the time we spend hesitating is the time we waste growing. In the blink of an eye, trends come and go, and opportunities are presented that won’t be available 5 minutes from now. What will you do when it comes to your business? Will you embrace the journey or let it pass you by? It’s up to you.

The world won’t wait on you.

Embrace the Battle, Don’t Fear It

What’s more uncomfortable than failure? Absolutely nothing. Yet if we spend our time fearing failure, there will be no time left to evolve. You won’t always find success when trying new things, but the more you fail, the more you learn. And the more you learn, the more your business will benefit. Insist on failing so you can attract growth.

Sometimes by losing a battle, you find a new way to win the war.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is like taking a breath of fresh air after being trapped inside for a week straight. It will add energy and excitement into your businesses and your life by stimulating new thoughts and creativity. If you want to find growth in 2019, get ready to get uncomfortable.

Entrepreneur vs. Wantepreneur

It seems like everyone these days are calling themselves an entrepreneur, chasing money, success and status. Yet the idea of “easy earnings” is often fantasized about the over passion, innovation and effort that true entrepreneurs obtain.

Truth be told, there are thousands of inspiring entrepreneurs who all think they have a million-dollar idea but are never able to put their plan into action. We call these people “wantepreneurs”.

How one goes about executing their ideas truly defines them as either a successful entrepreneur or an aspirational wantepreneur. Which will you be?

Keep Moving, Stop Complaining

Entrepreneurs make things happen, no matter the task. They are willing to fight for their ideas and go all in. On the other hand, wantrepreneurs are always looking for excuses and complain when the tough gets going. Hard work and perseverance distinguish a distinct difference in these two types of people.

Ideas are easy. Implementation is the hard part.

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Innovate, Don’t Procrastinate

Entrepreneurs don’t just wait for the perfect idea to come along. Often the best ideas come from seeing a gap or the need to improve upon one that already exists. In fact, a lot of successful businesses started with the entrepreneur needing something they couldn’t find anywhere else. Wantrepreneurs, however, tend to obsess about finding the next “get rich quick” idea. They wait and wait until something comes their way, all while wasting precious time refusing to innovate.

Pay attention to what people need and what has not been done before.

Work for Success, Not for Glory

Entrepreneurs work to be the best in their industry, while striving to find success and to leave their mark on the world. They put passion before profits. Wantrepreneurs only work for glory. If you truly want to find success, you have to value the means over the end. Remember, it’s not where you end up, but how you go there.

Chase the vision, not the reward.

It’s tempting to take to the easy way out, to indulge in a life full of easy work and big rewards. Yet, only true entrepreneurs will find success. It’s starts with an idea and executing it to its fullest. Don’t let the unfulfilling life of a wantrepreneur consume you and your dreams. Make them happen on your own.

4 Unexpected Social Media Platforms to Grow Your Brand Awareness

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using traditional social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote your brand. But if we’re being honest, traditional is boring. These 4 unexpected social media platforms will give your brand the advantage you have been waiting for.

Quora Starts a Conversation 

Picture this: a professional site like LinkedIn but with the communication style of Facebook. That’s Quora! This business-based social network account empowers professionals to create profiles surrounding their expertise. As Quora communities are formed, questions and conversations relating to your professional field will be brought to light and enable your brand to establish credibility. Getting this general community engagement will help increase your brand awareness, simply by communicating about the things you’re most passionate about!

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Yelp Maintains Your Brand and Image

You don’t typically think of Yelp as a social media platform, do you? Well the truth is, this site is essentail to any and all businesses who rely on their customers to stay above water. With over 245 million monthly visitors, Yelp gives your business the chance to keep up your reputation by encouraging strong reviews and responding to negative ones. By doing this, you build organic transparency and trust between your business and your customers.

Pinterest Brings Attention to Your Brand

Despite what you might think, the platform is home to more than just millennial women and brides-to-be. Pinterest is a beneficial site for traditional businesses to stake their claim. By creating a business profile and adding your links (landing page, products, content marketing initiative, etc.) your account has the potential to expand your overall organic reach and increase traffic directly to your website. For best results, we recommend creating specially crafted boards about topics revolving around your business.


Redditors, or users of Reddit, are a particular community. Breaking the initial barrier can be tough, but once you’re through there’s no limiting your brand awareness on this platform. This wealth of information and insight is an ecosystem with its own language and culture. This site gives you an outlet for information sharing, blog posting, and most importantly, brand awareness.

Although you can’t ignore the social media powerhouses of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, you also shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one crowded basket. Instead, try experimenting in the lesser-charted territories of these 4 platforms. You might find a whole new audience that your brand has been searching for.

LET’S GET DIGITAL: How Will Digitalization Affect Your Business?

Each year, the use of digital technology in our society increases. Yet each year, businesses like yours forsake the vital necessity of implementing digitalization into a successful marketing plan.

Success starts with knowledge. And if there’s one thing we want you to take away from reading this, it’s that without a doubt, your business will be affected by digitalization. When? How? What can you do to keep up? Keep reading to find out.

Instant Communication

The main advantage of the digital universe is the new, simultaneous method of communication it creates between businesses and customers. Digitalization allows you to conduct real-time business, gain predictive insight, interact with potential and current customers, and cross-collaborate with competition all with the help of instant communication. The digital age is instantaneous. Get your business online and start a conversation.

If you’re not typing, you’re not talking.

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Demand Transparency

There’s no such thing as secrets in the world of digitalization. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to you. Your business is on display to the world, making it easy for customers to make assumptions purely based on your online appearance. Luckily for you, you can easily benefit from this transparency. Use the demand your customers’ desire by establishing a sense of loyalty.

The more open you are, the more business you’ll conduct.

A New Breed of Influencers

The average person online has more influence now more than ever. Gone are the days of celebrity endorsements and fame advertising. Digitalization has created a new breed of influencers who have the potential to boost your business with one single post. It’s simple. It’s easy. And it’s a whole lot less expensive than what it used to be. The digital age is the perfect time to start expanding your business.

When people start sharing, you start gaining.

Digitalization will affect your business. But it’s up to you to take advantage of the new digital universe and make its impact positive.

If you need help transforming your business, give Dazium a call today. Let the experts in all things digital work their magic.

The Power of Pathos – Marketing Edition

When it comes to marketing, ethos, pathos and logos are all employed in some way, shape or form. But, for now, let’s focus on arguably the most effective and powerful marketing tactic of the three: pathos.

Pathos is the act of appealing to an audience by evoking their emotions.

It sounds simple, right? Get customers to feel something (happiness, sadness, fear, excitement, etc.) through your advertising or marketing tactics, and they will be putty in your hands. Well, it’s not actually that easy.

While pathos is incredibly effective, the way in which you construct and deliver it to your audience can make or break your entire operation. So where do you start?

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Give Your Message Life

What are you trying to say? Who is your intended audience? What emotions are you appealing to?

Identify Your Intentions

Why are you promoting this message? How effective will it be? Does it make sense?

Deliver Accordingly

Where am I promoting this message? How will my audience receive it?

No marketing campaign or message is complete without the incorporation of pathos. Without emotion, you will lack a sense of relatability and humanity.

Don’t be afraid to market yourself as an open book.

Show off who you are, what you’ve been through and where you’re going. Your audience wants to feel a connection and establish a relationship before they continue with your company, brand, etc. Pathos is the perfect way to create this bond.

Now’s the time to take advantage of the power of pathos. There is no limit to where it will take you in the world of marketing.

Looking for expert advice? Let Dazium show you the ropes! Contact us today to learn more.

3 Ways to Spice Up Your Social Media

Social Media – It’s fun! It’s interactive! It’s entertaining!

But after months of seasoning your platforms with the same old salt and pepper mixture, it’s scary to experiment with new flavors.

Lucky for you, we’ve come up with a list of three undoubtedly effective ways to spice up your social media presence!

#1: Fennel in as Many Numbers as Possible

You’d never believe how powerful the incorporation of numbers truly is… That is, until you start doing it.

Just like the spice fennel, a little use of numbers goes a long way. Followers are drawn to content that is centered around statistics, percentages, facts and data. Numbers give your page credibility, which will keep your audience coming back for more.

You didn’t think it was a coincidence we titled this article “3 Ways to Spice Up Your Social Media”… did you?

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#2: Start Posting in Real Thyme

Be real with your audience! There is nothing more interesting than seeing what goes on behind the scenes of a company or brand you love and support.

It’s sort of like reading the ingredient list before consuming a new food. Your audience wants to know the backstory before jumping all in. Invite your followers to be part of a movement. Post pictures, videos or even broadcast live around the office. Your audience will eat this up.

The more you let your audience in, the more responsive they become.

#3: Curry on Daily, Weekly or Monthly Series

Instead of going in blind and buying everything in sight at the store, you typically create an organized grocery list beforehand. The same should be done with your social media. Create a series and stick to it!

Followers are more likely to engage if you give them something to look forward to. Instead of random posts here and there, develop a creative series or campaign that lasts for an extended period of time. 

Shake Things Up

If your social media has been lacking a certain something, it may be time to try something new. Take these ingredients and run with them! Your followers won’t know what hit them.

Interested in consulting with a team of experts? Give Dazium a call!

Finding Success Through Confidence

Challenges are something we’re drawn to. We’re inspired by tasks that make us think outside the box. With a strict timeline and unfamiliar product association, the project we recently took on pushed us to our limit.

Two Weeks to Create a Display for 1,000 Stores Nationwide

Hard work is something we have never been afraid of. When a large national retailer contacted us for help with their next big project, we couldn’t say no. We were asked to design a display in which would hold 5 different types of in-ear headphones. Not only did we have to find a way to make a functional display while mounting live products, but we also were in charge of marketing the products through written content and original design. With two weeks on the clock, we jumped into this project headfirst.

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Research, Produce, Approve: A Cycle

Starting with research, we gained as much knowledge on the products as possible. We conducted interviews, examined the actual products, looked up similar products and did whatever it took to get the information we needed to create the display. Once we knew what we were working with, the design process took over. Our designs were produced and tested for relevance, accuracy and stability. There were hundreds of variables needed for success, which is when the approval process kicked in. We went through level after level, making changes and then gaining approval from our clients. With strong communication, we were able to alter small details along the way and make sure the display we were designing was perfect. This cycle allowed us to come back with each display being better than the last. We pushed ourselves to be the best, and that’s when we found success.

A Happy Client Starts with Delivery

Chances are, if you’ve been to one of the thousand stores our display was shipped to, you’ve seen it in action. The simplicity allows for a professional look, while the functionality does exactly what’s it’s supposed to do – display and market the different types of headphones to customers. With only two weeks to design and produce a project for one of the largest national retailers, we were able to deliver on time and within budget.

Success starts with confidence. We went into this project knowing our display would be successfully presented in hundreds, if not a thousand stores across the country in just a few short months. We accepted the challenge, and we succeeded.

How We Made History Through Crowdfunding

As expert marketers and designers, Dazium has the power to turn nothing into something. We recently undertook a large project assisting a nonprofit organization we have been working with for years. They needed our help to make the impossible possible, so that’s what we did.

Finding Funds to Create an Online Archive System for Veteran Writings

With over fifty thousand historical veteran writings, our clients needed a place upload and organize archives to make them discoverable to the public. As you can imagine, this was not a small task. With funding practically nonexistent, we had to find a way to raise money for our clients, so we could take the next step in making their online archive system a reality. Our challenge was to raise $60,000 in a few short months. We had to act quick.

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Crowdfunding Campaigns Need Care, Branding and Marketing

The only way to raise this money was with the help of the public. We decided to create a crowdfunding campaign, asking our community to donate towards the cause. With a series of interviews and videos, we launched this fundraiser at the beginning of October 2018. To insure constant attention, we promoted this campaign using social media, online advertisements and an email database we created. The trick to crowdfunding is to get the message to as many people as possible, as quick as possible. There’s more to it than just putting up a website online. To be successful, crowdfunding campaigns need to be taken care of. They need strategy, branding, marketing and research. We were confident our marketing and design skills would bring in the desired funding. What happened next was truly unbelievable.

Results You Won’t Believe

Our crowdfunding campaign in currently underway. We are getting a generous amount of donations, and we cannot thank our community enough. Every two weeks were a putting out a new video to keep our campaign content relevant and fresh. We are well on our way of hitting our goal. For a deeper look into our crowdfunding project, click here:

The power of marketing was able to make this campaign possible. Without innovative design, persuasive writing tactics and collaborative ideas, we would not have been able to raise the money. We are excited to move forward with the original project of establishing an online achieve system for veteran writings and to bring history back to life.

What’s the Purpose of Creating Something Unless It’s Great?

Alone, a million-dollar idea will amount to nothing without proper execution. Ideas rely on execution and execution is inspired by ideas. They feed off of one another, yet often times it’s easy to overlook the importance of having both. Think of it this way:

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Ideas Without Execution are Bound to Fail

Ideas are easy. They come in abundance. You will always have new, inspiring ideas to share with the world. Simply having a life-changing idea is not enough to actually change lives. It’s what you do after you have an idea that matters. Execution requires experience. It needs creativity. It takes wisdom. And above all, timing is everything. Use these skills when executing a plan and watch your idea life off the ground.

Execution Only Works with Excellent Ideas

You have ideas. We all do. The trick is to take an idea you are truly passionate about and run with it. We live in a world where creativity is one of the leading factors for success. Don’t let your fear of failure keep you from trusting yourself and your ideas. Excellence comes from within. It’s being able to trust your gut, make a decision and see it through until the very end. Execution is not possible without ideas and ideas are not possible without you.

If you want to bring your next great idea to life, you have to understand the importance of executing. From idea to execution, there’s nothing getting in the way of your success besides you. Let Dazium bring your next great idea to life. We know what it takes to execute.

Is the Date and Time You’re Posting Affecting Your Social Engagement?

Social media posting is a strategic process.

The online presence of your company is dependent on the content you create and your ability to plan ahead. Creating a strategic posting schedule can expand your engagement levels and take your company to the next level.

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During the Weekends, Post on Facebook

According to statistics, posting on Facebook on Saturday and Sunday will increase your engagement by 32%. The peak times for this platform are 9 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. For Facebook, Dazium has discovered that the later in the week you post, the better your engagement outcome will be.

Wednesdays are Best for Twitter

The middle of the workweek is the most popular time for the activity of Twitter users. Studies have shown that the optimal times to tweet are from 12–3 p.m., with a peak time at 5 p.m. Here at Dazium, we have found that Wednesdays are the most engaging day of the week on Twitter for business accounts.

Instagram is Most Active Early in the Morning and Late at Night

One of the first things people do after they wake up and before falling asleep is check their Instagram. That is why statistics have shown that the best time to post on this platform is between 8-9 a.m. and 2 a.m. Instagram audiences are engaged throughout the week. However, we have identified Monday mornings as being the prime time to post on Instagram.

DON’T Post on LinkedIn During the Weekends

Studies have shown that engagement levels on LinkedIn are lowest on the weekend. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the three best days to post on this platform. Dazium believes that while LinkedIn is more professional, the best times to post are still before and after work. The prime time to post is during the middle of the week, at the times of 7-8 a.m. and 5-6 p.m. These four posting guidelines are essential for your company’s posting schedule.

If you want to increase your social media engagement, change the times you are posting and always plan ahead.

Feeling overwhelmed? You don’t have to do it alone.

Dazium Design Solutions has been creating web and social media content for 15+ years. With experience in communication, marketing and design, we know how to effectively promote your business using social media.

Contact us today to start a conversation about how social media marketing can be used to grow your business.

Can Your Business Survive Without Social Media?

To put it simply… No.

From the endless amounts of information to the forever growing number of individuals, social media acts as a life vest keeping your business afloat when rough waters hit.

Not convinced? Here’s 5 reasons why your business can’t survive without social media.

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#1. Social Media is Only Expanding

Believe it or not, there are now more than 3 billion individuals using social networks across the globe, and this number is only expected to grow. You quite literally have the power at your fingertips to reach nearly half of the world’s population by using social media. Don’t let your business fall behind and get left in the dust. Join the social media movement.

#2. The Sports Car of Brand Awareness

Every single day, users are exposed to new products and services via their favorite social media apps. This makes social media the perfect place to reach new potential customers by increasing your brand’s name. Sure, you can always print standard advertisements to get your name out there, but compared to social media, that’s like choosing to ride a bicycle when you have a sports car parked inside of your garage.

#3. Essential for Boosting Sales

Without sales, you have no revenue. Without revenue, you have no business. Whatever your business sells, social media will help you sell it. Online sales tools have quickly evolved into one of the most convenient ways to purchase goods and services through social media.  If your purchasing system is outdated and frustrating to use, you can kiss most of your potential customers goodbye.

#4. Vital Levels of Customer Engagement

Quite frankly, social media is the most reliable and useful way to interact with customers. This two-way form of communication between your brand and your clients is necessary for keeping your business alive. If you want customers to be engaged, you have to engage yourself. Simply replying to emails and sending out monthly newsletters is no longer going to cut it in the modern world of business.

#5. Social Media Provides Crucial Insight

In order to make smart business decisions, informational backing is key. By generating a huge amount of information about your customers in real time, social media gives you the insight needed to keep your business going. No other form of marketing is going to give you the same detailed and informative feedback that social media will supply you with. Why would you use anything less than the best when it comes to your company?

So… there you have it. Your business could not survive without social media.

With decades of experience, Dazium Design Solutions understands just how important social media is for all types of businesses. Without this media outlet, levels of engagement, awareness, insight and sales are bound to decrease. We know what it takes to make a business succeed. Let our talented team of social media experts show your business what it takes to not only survive, but to thrive.

Are You Falling Behind in Social Media?

What platforms are competitors using to share their content? What are they doing that has users liking them, responding to their tweets and even reading their blogs? What’s your social media strategy? And is it working?

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Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are the top social networking sites among businesses today. Managing multiple social media platforms requires manpower, time and most importantly, a well-thought out and executed content sharing strategy. If you don’t have one in place (or even if you do) start by following these steps:

  1. Pick your social media platforms carefully. Start small. It’s important to recognize that managing multiple social media platforms requires manpower and time.
  2. Share content multiple times and places. You may decide to use tools that allow you to post the same content at different times depending on your follower’s time zones.
  3. Republish good content. Good content never goes out of style. Some concepts need to be repeated.
  4. Use social sharing plugins. Encourage people to share your content/posts.

When it comes to social media we know what’s trending. We’re here to help you develop specific content with benchmarks and goals so you can better manage and track your likes. Having a well-executed content strategy will bring your business to the next level.

Building Your Brand Personality

Every business has a brand personality and it’s the job of a designer to bring that personality to life.

As the Client
You first need to have an idea of the specifications or concepts that fit the personality of your company. Before you engage a designer and initiate a design, take time to answer these key questions. Remember, a strong brand personality has the potential to build credibility, clarity and consistency.

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    1. Who is your target audience and what is appropriate?
    2. How will the company use this new “marketing tool”?
    3. Will you need support/service when completed?
    4. What is your strategy to re-evaluate the success of this marketing tool?
    5. What is the end deliverable (e.g. web, email, print)?
    6. What is the company’s project goal?
    7. Does it follow the creative brief and marketing approach?
    8. What is your budget?

To start building your brand personality today, call Dazium Design!