It seems like everyone these days are calling themselves an entrepreneur, chasing money, success and status. Yet the idea of “easy earnings” is often fantasized about the over passion, innovation and effort that true entrepreneurs obtain.

Truth be told, there are thousands of inspiring entrepreneurs who all think they have a million-dollar idea but are never able to put their plan into action. We call these people “wantepreneurs”.

How one goes about executing their ideas truly defines them as either a successful entrepreneur or an aspirational wantepreneur. Which will you be?

Keep Moving, Stop Complaining

Entrepreneurs make things happen, no matter the task. They are willing to fight for their ideas and go all in. On the other hand, wantrepreneurs are always looking for excuses and complain when the tough gets going. Hard work and perseverance distinguish a distinct difference in these two types of people.

Ideas are easy. Implementation is the hard part.

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Innovate, Don’t Procrastinate

Entrepreneurs don’t just wait for the perfect idea to come along. Often the best ideas come from seeing a gap or the need to improve upon one that already exists. In fact, a lot of successful businesses started with the entrepreneur needing something they couldn’t find anywhere else. Wantrepreneurs, however, tend to obsess about finding the next “get rich quick” idea. They wait and wait until something comes their way, all while wasting precious time refusing to innovate.

Pay attention to what people need and what has not been done before.

Work for Success, Not for Glory

Entrepreneurs work to be the best in their industry, while striving to find success and to leave their mark on the world. They put passion before profits. Wantrepreneurs only work for glory. If you truly want to find success, you have to value the means over the end. Remember, it’s not where you end up, but how you go there.

Chase the vision, not the reward.

It’s tempting to take to the easy way out, to indulge in a life full of easy work and big rewards. Yet, only true entrepreneurs will find success. It’s starts with an idea and executing it to its fullest. Don’t let the unfulfilling life of a wantrepreneur consume you and your dreams. Make them happen on your own.