Challenges are something we’re drawn to. We’re inspired by tasks that make us think outside the box. With a strict timeline and unfamiliar product association, the project we recently took on pushed us to our limit.

Two Weeks to Create a Display for 1,000 Stores Nationwide

Hard work is something we have never been afraid of. When a large national retailer contacted us for help with their next big project, we couldn’t say no. We were asked to design a display in which would hold 5 different types of in-ear headphones. Not only did we have to find a way to make a functional display while mounting live products, but we also were in charge of marketing the products through written content and original design. With two weeks on the clock, we jumped into this project headfirst.

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Research, Produce, Approve: A Cycle

Starting with research, we gained as much knowledge on the products as possible. We conducted interviews, examined the actual products, looked up similar products and did whatever it took to get the information we needed to create the display. Once we knew what we were working with, the design process took over. Our designs were produced and tested for relevance, accuracy and stability. There were hundreds of variables needed for success, which is when the approval process kicked in. We went through level after level, making changes and then gaining approval from our clients. With strong communication, we were able to alter small details along the way and make sure the display we were designing was perfect. This cycle allowed us to come back with each display being better than the last. We pushed ourselves to be the best, and that’s when we found success.

A Happy Client Starts with Delivery

Chances are, if you’ve been to one of the thousand stores our display was shipped to, you’ve seen it in action. The simplicity allows for a professional look, while the functionality does exactly what’s it’s supposed to do – display and market the different types of headphones to customers. With only two weeks to design and produce a project for one of the largest national retailers, we were able to deliver on time and within budget.

Success starts with confidence. We went into this project knowing our display would be successfully presented in hundreds, if not a thousand stores across the country in just a few short months. We accepted the challenge, and we succeeded.