Dazium Social Media Services




Whether your business is big or small, Dazium will help you establish a consistent and interactive online presence while insuring your visions become a reality. With over 15 years of social media and web experience, our experts will help bring your digital marketing game above and beyond!

Build Your Own Social Media Package

Package Features Bronze Silver Gold
4 – 8 Posts Per Month X    
Quick, Effective and Well-Written Social Media Posts to Maintain Consistent Content X X X
Stock Photos/Client Supplied Photos the Fits the Content For Every Post X X X
Monthly Analytic Report X X X
10 – 15 Posts Per Month   X  
Mix of Strategized and Quick-Written Posts Designed for Content Diversification   X X
Creative Mix of Design Including Edits and Graphics for Each Individual Social Post   X X
16 – 20 Posts Per Month     X
Research, Strategized and Research Written Posts for Guaranteed Engagement Increase     X
Unique, Highly Creative and On-Brand Designs for Each Post, Including Videos and Gifs     X
Monthly Analytic Report + Insight Breakdown and Recommendation Consulting     X
Additional Ad-Ons
Advertising – A combination of post boosting and paid advertisements created to spread brand awareness and extend reach. Advertising packages and pricing are dependent per client and per budget.
Extended Photo Options – From professional photoshoots to in-real-time pictures, this add-on allows us to incorporate real images into the design portion of social media. These photo options are encouraged, but not required.
Alternative Platforms – Use of other social media platforms, not including our standard 8 pack, will require additional cost.


The Dazium Difference

Content Diversification

Social media is a different form of writing skill. It’s all about making your product and message quick and easy to understand. Social media posts are more about the reader, rather than what your company provides. It has to mean something, be relatable or solve a problem to get engagement. If you are using social media like a shortened brochure of services, it isn’t going to reach the reader in a format that will be appreciated or engaged. Since we understand what makes social media different, Dazium Design is able to produce unique and appealing social media content that gives a new meaning to social marketing.

Review, Analyze and Recommendations

One of the main advantages of social media is that it offers a large amount of feedback in a small amount of time. Our social media experts are trained to analyze engagement rates and develop new strategies to get the best results. With an industry that is always changing, Dazium Design is constantly creating evolving content. When new trends occur, we will give you the best recommendations on how to stay relevant and impactful via your social media platforms. The amount of feedback social media provides is crucial for the expansion and success of any business.