As expert marketers and designers, Dazium has the power to turn nothing into something. We recently undertook a large project assisting a nonprofit organization we have been working with for years. They needed our help to make the impossible possible, so that’s what we did.

Finding Funds to Create an Online Archive System for Veteran Writings

With over fifty thousand historical veteran writings, our clients needed a place upload and organize archives to make them discoverable to the public. As you can imagine, this was not a small task. With funding practically nonexistent, we had to find a way to raise money for our clients, so we could take the next step in making their online archive system a reality. Our challenge was to raise $60,000 in a few short months. We had to act quick.

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Crowdfunding Campaigns Need Care, Branding and Marketing

The only way to raise this money was with the help of the public. We decided to create a crowdfunding campaign, asking our community to donate towards the cause. With a series of interviews and videos, we launched this fundraiser at the beginning of October 2018. To insure constant attention, we promoted this campaign using social media, online advertisements and an email database we created. The trick to crowdfunding is to get the message to as many people as possible, as quick as possible. There’s more to it than just putting up a website online. To be successful, crowdfunding campaigns need to be taken care of. They need strategy, branding, marketing and research. We were confident our marketing and design skills would bring in the desired funding. What happened next was truly unbelievable.

Results You Won’t Believe

Our crowdfunding campaign in currently underway. We are getting a generous amount of donations, and we cannot thank our community enough. Every two weeks were a putting out a new video to keep our campaign content relevant and fresh. We are well on our way of hitting our goal. For a deeper look into our crowdfunding project, click here:

The power of marketing was able to make this campaign possible. Without innovative design, persuasive writing tactics and collaborative ideas, we would not have been able to raise the money. We are excited to move forward with the original project of establishing an online achieve system for veteran writings and to bring history back to life.