As your social media marketing strategy expands into online advertising, it’s important to understand how exactly to run a successful advertisement on social media.

Start by Choosing a Platform

Every major social media network offers advertising options, so be sure to consider the following when picking a platform:

Facebook – designed to help achieve one of three broad types of objectives: awareness, consideration or conversion.

Twitter – works best for website clicks, tweet engagement, follower gain, video views and app installs.

LinkedIn – intended for business growth by building brand awareness, driving website traffic and generating leads.

Instagram – owned by Facebook, so advertising options support the same objectives as Facebook.

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Identify Your Audience and Create Client Profiles

Social media advertising gives you complete control over audience targeting, making it easier to reach your ideal consumer. Once the ad it written, and your objective is chosen, it’s time to decide what audience type is the most likely to convert. Is it men? Women? Where do they live? Older? Younger? What are their interests? What does their income look like?

Client profiles are not always perfect to start. It takes time and experimentation to find your perfect niche that will help bring your campaign to life.

Make a Timeline and Stick to a Budget

Social media advertising allows you to control the amount of time an ad runs and how much it costs. We have found that the most successful social media ads run from 5-7 days. Budgets are determined per day or per total campaign, making it easy for you to set and stick to a budget that’s right for you. Think strategically and execute your plan.

Online advertising is not easy. But if you follow these 3 steps, you’ll find yourself running successful social media advertainments in no time.

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