When it comes to marketing, ethos, pathos and logos are all employed in some way, shape or form. But, for now, let’s focus on arguably the most effective and powerful marketing tactic of the three: pathos.

Pathos is the act of appealing to an audience by evoking their emotions.

It sounds simple, right? Get customers to feel something (happiness, sadness, fear, excitement, etc.) through your advertising or marketing tactics, and they will be putty in your hands. Well, it’s not actually that easy.

While pathos is incredibly effective, the way in which you construct and deliver it to your audience can make or break your entire operation. So where do you start?

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Give Your Message Life

What are you trying to say? Who is your intended audience? What emotions are you appealing to?

Identify Your Intentions

Why are you promoting this message? How effective will it be? Does it make sense?

Deliver Accordingly

Where am I promoting this message? How will my audience receive it?

No marketing campaign or message is complete without the incorporation of pathos. Without emotion, you will lack a sense of relatability and humanity.

Don’t be afraid to market yourself as an open book.

Show off who you are, what you’ve been through and where you’re going. Your audience wants to feel a connection and establish a relationship before they continue with your company, brand, etc. Pathos is the perfect way to create this bond.

Now’s the time to take advantage of the power of pathos. There is no limit to where it will take you in the world of marketing.

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