What platforms are competitors using to share their content? What are they doing that has users liking them, responding to their tweets and even reading their blogs? What’s your social media strategy? And is it working?

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Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are the top social networking sites among businesses today. Managing multiple social media platforms requires manpower, time and most importantly, a well-thought out and executed content sharing strategy. If you don’t have one in place (or even if you do) start by following these steps:

  1. Pick your social media platforms carefully. Start small. It’s important to recognize that managing multiple social media platforms requires manpower and time.
  2. Share content multiple times and places. You may decide to use tools that allow you to post the same content at different times depending on your follower’s time zones.
  3. Republish good content. Good content never goes out of style. Some concepts need to be repeated.
  4. Use social sharing plugins. Encourage people to share your content/posts.

When it comes to social media we know what’s trending. We’re here to help you develop specific content with benchmarks and goals so you can better manage and track your likes. Having a well-executed content strategy will bring your business to the next level.