There’s nothing worse than having your creativity well run dry, especially when being creative is part of your job title. If you’ve tried just about everything to get your spark back but nothing’s working, don’t give up! Here are 4 proven ways to help reignite your creativity.

Make One Change

Sound simple? Because it is simple. It’s easy to get caught up in old habits that hold us back from trying something new. Research found that unusual events can break existing cognitive patterns, thus improving flexibility and creativity. By making one single change to your daily routine, your chances of sparking a new idea skyrocket.

Take a different route to work. Switch up your breakfast. One little change is all it takes!

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Get Inside Your Customer’s Head

Creating content centered around your ideal customer allows you to stay relevant and develop fresh ideas. Studies show that the most successful brands go to great lengths to make sure employees understand the experience of their customers. Stop thinking like you and start thinking like them.

What are their interests? How do they communicate? This will change your perspective and give you the creative outlook you’ve been craving.

Look for Ideas in Unlikely Places

Sometimes the best ideas are found in the most unexpected places. It’s been proven that switching environments can lead to positive brain stimulation within individuals. Go outside your comfort zone by searching for inspiration in places besides the office.

During your commute. While you’re in the shower. Let the world around you re-spark your creativity.

Take it Old-School

Step away from the computer screen and unplug yourself from all distractions. Try working with pen and paper to boost productivity and ignite your creative mind. Research has found that writing long-hand requires the writer to process ideas more thoroughly than typing on a keyboard, leading to deeper exploration.

Physically write ideas instead of typing them. Bounce your ideas off someone face-to-face instead of over email. It’s time to go old-school!

Instead of accepting defeat, try filling up your creativity well with these 4 tips!