Even the best copywriters make mistakes. But the last thing you want is to lose credibility because of a typo. Our rule of thumb is no matter how small the job, everything gets proofed before production. Having a proofreader in place saves you time, money and embarrassment. However, you really need both a good copy editor and proofreader if you want your written communications to resonant with your audience.

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A copyeditor reviews and modifies for the purpose of improving flow, quality and readability. • Rewrites entire sections of copy • Adds or removes content • Adds formatting elements: bullets, bolding, etc. • Simplifys messaging based on audience

A proofreader corrects production errors prior to publication. • Spelling errors • Typos • Spacing issues • Incorrect language usage • Verb tense

Luckily we have both copyeditors and proofreaders. Give Dazium a call.