Did you know that 3.2 billion people across the world are active daily social media users? As social media marketing continues to thrive and evolve, it’s essential to breakdown trends so we can anticipate the future of social platforms. Our businesses depend on it.

The Death of the “Like” Button

Adios, likes! Apparently judging our self-worth based on online “likes” isn’t actually the best for our mental health. Who knew? Huge social media sites (including Instagram) are stripping numbered likes from their platform as a way to depressurize influence and combat fake engagement. This might be the biggest social media change of the year!

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The Seamless Incorporation of Social Shopping 

Shop until you drop? No longer necessary! Ecommerce is nothing new, but social shopping is now becoming one of the most mainstream retail channels available. As more networks begin to introduce pro-selling features and shoppable posts, us brands and marketers can leverage this new trend into our sales strategies and more!

Video Stories are Taking Over

Move over, pictures! Video content is here to stay. From the viral app TikTok to the original platform of YouTube, videos are now taking over 82% of all internet traffic! Being able to capture user attention in just seconds is going to become to main purpose of video stories in the new year. If you’re not currently creating videos, it’s time to get started!

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