Build a Social Strategy

A social strategy should align with all your channels and follow these basic rules. Never post without an image. A custom designed image that represents your brand is better than a stock photo. A great headline

Hipster Typography

Spawning out of the flat design movement, Hipster is a combination of several trends; including the heavy use of handwritten fonts and simple color combinations. It has found most of its following in the rapidly

Patients are Tweeting

Patients are tweeting, posting and blogging about their doctors, hospitals and even insurance companies. It’s estimated that 30 percent of adults share information about their health on social media sites with other patients, doctors and insurance

Dirty Calligraphy

Handwritten fonts have erupted in designs. Many have the traditional line weight of calligraphy but some show a thicker script. Playful, and extemporaneous in appearance, these fonts use a large amount of additional swirly glyphs

Who Do You Trust to Print?

Ever use an online printing service without giving a second thought to the finish on your brochure? They may offer a price point that satisfies your budget, but the bottom line is you don’t know

Tell a Better Story

What makes a story memorable? One that engages the reader and builds trust in your brand. From blogs to videos, crafting your brand story demands consistency across all content channels. Now’s the time to build

80’s Style is Back

“Word Up” was a popular phrase in the 80s, even an R&B funk song, and today it’s slang for acknowledgement, or approval. It’s true, what goes around does come back around. From fashion style to