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Kara Hess, owner of Dazium Design Solutions believes in giving people a chance. For over three years, Dazium has been working directly with the Full Employment Council of Kansas City (FEC) accepting young adults and adults in intern positions. Below are snippets from an interview with Kara on Dazium’s relationship with the FEC.

Why the FEC?
The FEC is a private business-led non-profit corporation that works with Federal, State, Local and Private grants to secure jobs for the unemployed and the underemployed in the Greater Kansas City area. For me personally, it’s important to give back to the community and support individuals whose circumstances have left them down on their luck, and are striving to develop a career and support themselves. Plus, Tim knows our business and specifically selects interns he feels fit our unique niche. He analyzes everything from teamwork to specific skill sets and the ability to grasp new concepts and apply them.

When did you start with the FEC?
I started with the FEC two years ago at an event that resembled a ‘speed dating’ interview. The first intern Dazium welcomed was a high school student looking for a summer internship. Aaron was eager to work and impressed me with his desire to learn and not shy away from difficult tasks. He cut his teeth on Photoshop and InDesign working alongside our designers, creating images and loading them to WordPress.

Describe your relationship with Tim.
Over the course of the past two years, Tim has come to know our business, our specialties and the opportunity we offer interns. As a small marketing and design business, our relationship with area printers enables us to produce projects from design and concept to fulfillment. In addition to graphic and print design, our expertise in web design and development offers individuals the perfect opportunity to develop IT skills.

You recently welcomed two FEC interns. What can you tell us about them?
Emily & Iris joined Dazium this past February. Both women are in the process of switching careers. They’re self-starters and I’m impressed with their desire to develop new skills. Emily has been instrumental in facilitating a site migration for a large client. And Iris is acquiring skills with a Content Management System (CMS) that will enable her to load content and images for new websites. I’m happy that Dazium offers both women the opportunity to develop IT skills like programming and website development and glad they’re learning first-hand what it’s like working for a small business. We have to operate efficiently – from budgets and timelines to administrative tasks.

What’s on the horizon for Dazium with the FEC?
I look forward to our continued partnership with the FEC. The benefit isn’t calculated in dollar signs. Dazium isn’t any more a charity than FEC a handout. Our relationship with interns is a partnership. The FEC offers individuals new to the workforce or re-entering the workforce, an opportunity to update their skills and advance their career options. We work to give them the training and skills they can take into future employment.

My relationship with Dazium is excellent. Through the FEC, I have placed four interns with Dazium all with diverse backgrounds. Each has had a good work experience and have been very complementary of the Dazium team. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with Kara and success with the design team at Dazium.

– Tim Allen, Work Force Development Executive