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What makes a story memorable? One that engages the reader and builds trust in your brand. From blogs to videos, crafting your brand story demands consistency across all content channels. Now’s the time to build more ‘native content’.  With an experienced content designer you can advertise less-invasively and spin your story the way consumers prefer to read.

A few rules of thumb.

  • Copy written in the same tone will more positively engage users with your brand.  Retain the integrity of your brand with a style guide.
  • Brevity counts especially as users prefer to read from their tablets and mobile devices
  • A good proofreader is especially important. You can’t afford to loose readers because of misspellings, typos and grammar.


Once you have your story – the next big decision is selecting the right channel at the right time.

Web storytelling – blogs, news, etc.
Traditional storytelling – print with visuals
Interactive storytelling – videos, storyboards, etc.
Digital storytelling – infographics, images with text, etc.