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A social strategy should align with all your channels and follow these basic rules.

  1. Never post without an image.
  2. A custom designed image that represents your brand is better than a stock photo.
  3. A great headline that incorporates keywords leads to more hits.


The top social media channels businesses should be using today:

LinkedIn – Guest blogs from industry experts and leaders garners trust. Do you have someone on your team who can search for relevant industry topics? Perhaps a writer who is expert at repurposing material and strategically linking to previous blogs?

Twitter – Write more, but be savvy about it. Say goodbye to the traditional 140-character limit and hello to lengthier tweets and retweets. Twitter is evolving into a running dialogue, with strategically placed hashtags.

Facebook – Catchy headlines with accompanying images will resonate stronger with users. And posts aligned with a larger campaign will strengthen the brand experience. But that demands an experienced content designer.

Instagram – It used to be just about the image — but using hashtags is key to getting users to find you & forward you on.

YouTube – Anyone can shoot a video and post it to YouTube, after all that’s where stars are discovered. Showcase your brand in ways interactive and entertaining with videos and short clips. A good script writer can ensure the video communicates the brand consistently and accurately and most importantly, professionally.

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